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General Information
Please simply choose from the menu the group you are interested in. If necessary open further sub-groups. Just go as far as you want to. Should the chosen group contain articles, they will be displayed in the main window. If you are interested in a specific article, just click on \"details\". You will then be shown the article in detail. You can also add the article to your shopping basket.
In the shopping basket you will find all articles put in the basket while shopping. You can easily remove single articles or change the number ordered of others. Should you have changed the number ordered of one or several articles then please click on \"calculate again\" You can also empty the shopping basket by clicking on \"empty basket\". In case you want to order all the articles in the basket just click on \"proceed to the checkout counter\". Please note that the total cost of articles is shown without shipping costs. Those are displayed on the page \"shipping and payment\"
Checkout counter
This page has four sections: First, please give your address. Then choose the way of shipping and the method of payment, if such a choice is possible. You will then be directed to a page thet shows all your given data. Please check all your data. If everything is correct please click on \"send order\". Your order will then be forwarded to us. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail showing your order details. We are looking forward to your return visit on our website.
Personal Data
Filling in your personal data here is mandatory. Under \"order address\" please write down the address you want to appear on the bill. Normally this address will also be the \"ship to \" address. Should you wish a different \"ship to \"address then please fill it in on the same page. All coloured spaces have to be filled in.

Shipping and Payment
Please choose your preferred method of shipping here. Please also choose your preferred methode of payment. The total will be shown at the bottom. Then proceed to checking the data.
Customers from Non-EU-Countries dont need to pay VAT, but there is a fee for customs-declaration of 12 Euro. Also there can be higher shipping costs up from 24 €. Therefore we will send you another email with the total costs of your order. Please answer to this email if you agree to the costs, otherwise we cant forward your goods!
Check data
Here all data are shown. Please be sure to check everything. Is the order address / \"ship to\" address correct? Are the items in the shopping basket correct? If everything is okay and you want to order please click on \"send order\". Your data will be forwarded to us then. You will receive a confirmation e-mail and a confirmation page. Then you only have to wait until the ordered goods will arrive
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